Use Old Light Bulbs To Create Some Household Decor

Old, non-operating bulbs that you discovered in light fixtures inside of your home can be used to create character ornaments or mini flower holders that can be displayed along a windowsill or a countertop. Use acrylic paint, brushes, scissors, hardware, and wire to complete two different projects.

A Holiday Tree Or Plant

A small potted tree or plant can be decorated for each holiday that you and your family celebrate. Homemade ornaments that consist of incandescent bulbs that contain painted designs will add color to the greenery and the lightweight components that are used to create each ornament will not weigh down a branch that is being decorated.

Since acrylic paint will dry quickly and can be applied to any surface that is oil and wax free, it is a versatile craft material that will be adequate for decorating the outside of each bulb. Use a damp rag to wipe down the surface of each bulb. Use a template to guide you in creating a character out of each bulb.

For instance, if you are going to be making a series of spring decorations, choose a rabbit, a chick, and flower templates, to refer to when painting the outside of each bulb. Use paint to cover the bulbs in entirety. Wrap twine around the base of each bulb and form a loop. Use some small ornament hooks to suspend the finished decorations from the potted tree or plant that you have chosen to decorate.

Decorative Holders

Bulbs that have been turned upside down and are rested inside of egg holders or on top of another surface that will support the rounded top of each bulb can be used as mini displays for a series of blooms that are attached to stems. Metal hardware and wire can also be used to secure a series of holders along the bottom of a windowsill.

Remove the end cap from each bulb and use acrylic paint to create a decorative border around the center or the top and the bottom of each bulb. If you would like the bulbs to possess an opaque surface, use white paint to cover each bulb and wait for the paint to dry.

Use other colors of paint to add shapes, squiggly lines, or other designs that are being used to create a border. Fill each bulb with water and use hand-picked flowers to fill the miniature holders. When you notice that the flowers have wilted, exchange them for a new batch. You might try checking out a paint store to ask about other possible options, too.