Are You Teaching An Embroidery Class For The First Time? 4 Benefits Of Using Flour Sack Towels

Teaching others how to embroider fabric is a great way to blend one of your favorite hobbies with earning an income. Whether your class is a side job or your full-time career, you'll quickly discover that coming up with supplies can take some effort. As you put together your first beginner-friendly projects, be aware of the benefits of using flour sack towels as the base fabric that you use for each of your classes.

Plan Unique Projects With a Dyeable Fabric

Thinking outside of the box can help you turn basic patterns into gorgeous pieces of work. This type of towel is typically made from 100% cotton, which works great with many types of fabric dyes. You can start your class by having your students tie-dye the towels to create a fun background that complements the design. Or, you can pre-dye the fabric so that it is ready to add a unique look to your students' projects.

Make It Easier to Transfer Patterns

The same qualities of a fabric with a high cotton content that make it dyeable also make it easier to use your preferred method for transferring patterns. Whether you prefer to use transfer pencils or iron-on patterns, you can bet that the design will be highly visible. In fact, you can even use these towels to demonstrate the various methods for pattern transfers since you can trust that they'll all work well.

Attract Students With Useable Projects

Sure, those cute little hoop projects are easy, but some people just can't fathom ever hanging them on their walls. Students often flock to classes and new hobbies where they know that they can create projects that serve a purpose. Towels that are embroidered with fun patterns make beautiful works of art that people can use in their kitchen, bathroom, or even a baby's nursery. Embroidered towels also make great gifts, and you can use this concept to help market your classes around the holidays.

Keep Your Business Expenses Down

You could give your students a supply list, but this can cut into your income and cause you to have to deal with delays from people who don't have what they need to start class on time. Flour sack towels bulk sales are great for helping you to find a low-cost fabric that doesn't require you to spend a ton on gathering the supplies you need for your classes. Since the towels cost less than they would in a typical craft shop, you can build your stockpile without having to invest too much of your income.