Use Old Light Bulbs To Create Some Household Decor

Old, non-operating bulbs that you discovered in light fixtures inside of your home can be used to create character ornaments or mini flower holders that can be displayed along a windowsill or a countertop. Use acrylic paint, brushes, scissors, hardware, and wire to complete two different projects. A Holiday Tree Or Plant A small potted tree or plant can be decorated for each holiday that you and your family celebrate. Homemade ornaments that consist of incandescent bulbs that contain painted designs will add color to the greenery and the lightweight components that are used to create each ornament will not weigh down a branch that is being decorated.

The Japanese Art Of Fixing Cracked Or Broken Ceramics With Gold

Most people simply throw out broken ceramics, especially if you can't disguise the cracks. In Japan, however, those cracks are considered valued history, and the art of kintsugi, fixing broken ceramics and porcelain with gold, is catching on in the United States. How Is Kintsugi Done? The philosophy of kintsugi stems from embracing brokenness and repairing it. It is not intended to make pottery look new again, but to renew the spirit of history that surrounds it.